What type of weddings can we have in Cyprus?

In Cyprus you can have a Civil Wedding or a Church Wedding, Maronite or Orthodox. Conditions Apply.

Where is the Civil Marriage conducted?

A civil marriage ceremony takes a place at the town hall, by a marriage officer.

How can Platinum help me in my wedding?

We can help with any type of wedding ( Civil or Religious ) requirement you might have for your wedding, from the basic paper requirement and the type of wedding you wish to have, to the airtickets, hotel, florist, photographers, venues, wedding registration, prenuptial agreement, etc

Can Platinum book a hotel for me?

Of course we can, we are a travel agent and have competitive rates.

Which Hotels do Platinum work with?

We work with most of the hotels in Cyprus, while some are our preferred, we strive to meet all our guests expectations when possible.

For which nationalities can TH Platinum Ltd help with the weddings?

Information below mostly answer the Lebanese nationals requirement. But we can assist all nationalities.

Is a Maronite Wedding in Cyprus Possible?

Of course it is. A Maronite Wedding will be held by a by a Lebanese priest, speaking Arabic too! The Maronite Arbichopric is located in Nicosia the Capital; The head of the Church is HE Archbishop Youssef Soueif.

Do the Maronite priests speak Arabic?

The maronite priests in Cyprus, most are Lebanese and they speak Arabic.

How many Maronite Churches is there in Cyprus? And where are they located?

There are 6 Maronite churches in Cyprus, as follows:
- Limassol: St Charbel Church; ( Aprox 45 minutes from the Larnaca Airport )
- Paphos: Ayia Kiryaki Church; ( Aprox 1 hour and 45 minutes from the Larnaca Airport )
- Nicosia: 4 Churches  (Approx 45 minutes from the Larnaca Airport ) :
  - Cathedral Church of Our Lady of Grace
  - The Church of Ayia Marina in Kotsiatis
  - Chapel of St Maroni in the Archbichopric
  - St Maroon Church, Anthoupoli

Can the Maronite Priests hold weddings in Non Maronite or Non Catholic Churches in Cyprus?

Yes they can use other Catholic Churches, like: St Jospeh Catholic Church in Larnaca & St Catherin Church in Limassol; They can also use some other orthodox churches, but the procedure is different.

What are the documents required for a Maronite wedding?

If you wish to marry in a Maronite church, you must have the permission to Marry from your archbishopric in lebanon, and you must have recent Civil Status ( Individual & Family ) & Divorce of Death certificate if Applicable, all duly legalised.

What are the documents required for a Civil wedding?

You must have recent Civil Status ( Individual & Family ) & Divorce or Death certificate if Applicable, all duly legalised.

Can other Christians get married in Cyprus?

Yes they can, but the procedure might be slightly different.

How much shall I pay to the priest to get married in a church in Cyprus?

Depending on the church, and depending on the priest who would agree directly with the couple. We don’t intervene in that, since it is personal and sensitive matter between the priest and the couple getting married.

Can I register my wedding in Lebanon?

All the weddings conducted in Cyprus, can be registered in Lebanon thru the Lebanese Embassy only. Provided your previous wedding ( if applicable is dissolved or not registered in Lebanon )

Can anyone get Married in Cyprus?

Anyone who has a partner and can prove they are both single and at an age that allows them to get married, can get married in Cyprus.

Is getting married in Cyprus cheaper than Lebanon?

Well a wedding average of Euro 6000, can include, 20 guests, return transfer to church and airport-hotel, buffet dinner, music , Bridal Bouquet of seasonal flowers, 15 standard rooms for two nights in a four star city hotel, in Limassol, registration of the wedding at the Lebanese embassy in Cyprus, two wedding certificates. Wedding requirements will affect the budget.

How to legalise the papers at home?

Your ekhraj Kaid individual and family and others if applicable, must be legalised in lebanon by MOFA & CY EMBASSY in Lebanon.

Can you register my wedding in the Lebanese Embassy on my behalf?

Yes we can, only if you provide us with a wakele in Arabic and duly legalise it by the Ministry of Justice in lebanon & The MOFA in Lebanon.

How to do my papers if I live abroad?

Both Ekraj Kaid of the couple and other documents if applicable must be issued and legalised in Lebanon. The Wakele if issued by the Lebanese embassy where you live, does not need to be legalised by any other authority other than Leb Embassy where you live.

Can I travel to Cyprus, have the wedding the same day, and then travel back home?

If booked in advance and papers are checked, this can be done.

Can I have both civil and religious wedding, at the same time?

Yes you can, conditions apply.

Can I register both weddings in Lebanon?

Only one wedding can be registered in Lebanon.

Do I have to register my wedding in my home country or embassy?

Some countries like Lebanon, registration must be done thru the diplomatic mission abroad,IE Lebanese Embassy in Cyprus. Other countries who were part of the Lahay convention, would require an apostil.

Do you provide witnesses?

Upon request we can, and it is free!, withness can be of the same sex.

Can you help me with the visa to visit Cyprus?

Yes we can, we have have our contacts in lebanon to refer you to, just ask us. Final decision is to the Diplomatic Mission of Cyprus in your country.

Is the Cyprus Visa a Schengen Visa?

The Cyprus visa is not a Schengen Visa, Cyprus visa is only valid to travel for Cyprus.

If I have a Schengen Visa, can I enter Cyprus?

If you have a valid Schengen Visa, you can travel with it to Cyprus.

Do I have to apply to a Cyprus Visa if I have a Schengen Visa?

if you have a valid Schengen Visa, you don’t have to apply for a Visa to Cyprus.

If we are of two different nationalities, can we still get married in Cyprus?

Yes you can, but required papers might be different depending on each persons nationality.

Can I have a prenuptial contract of separation of goods?

Of course you can and we can help you with it. This contract must be done in Cyprus; it must be done a least one day prior of your wedding in Cyprus, and it must be duly legalised.