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Welcome To Partners' Portal

We would like to welcome you to our company's partners' portal.  Here you can have your personal login and password in order to download our confidential tarriffs and images,  to find our special offers and your contracts' agreements and to make your secure online payments.

Our company's staff is ready to assist you with all your inquiries  and requests.

Online Payments

To make your payments online, follow  the instructions and click on the link below.

The system will ask you for your Email (the email that TH. Platinum created and gave you) and password that our company has already sent you for credit card payments.  After you login, you will have to put the Account Number (Estimate or Invoice Number) that our company has already sent you with the amount of your confirmed booking.  You click next and the system will show you the amount details.  You will put your credit card information and then you press PAYMENT and your payment is finalized

Pay by Credit Card

o become an agent of our online reservation platform PlatinumCyprus, please click here