Weddings & events organisers

Weddings & events organisers

Cyprus is a famous destination for Civil weddings, from several niches markets, including Lebanon and the Middle East.

The price is right, the procedure is fast, the required documents is minimal, the stay is short, the wedding recognition is worldwide, the venues are romantic and multiple, and the stress is kept to a minimum! The possibilities and choices are very wide.

On the island of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love, you have the choice to book either a Civil or religious wedding ceremony, or both. If you are of two different religions, and deciding to make a life together, then the civil ceremony is your right choice. 

If you wish to have a Maronite or an Orthodox ceremony, that is also possible, but the procedure is slightly different.  

When you have the necessary documents, you can come and get married the same day. While Civil Ceremonies can take place indoors as well as outdoors in several approved location, Religious Weddings, also have pre approved churches, with the same charm of the outdoors.

There are lots of activities that you can plan pre and post your Wedding day. From bachelor and Hen parties, to boat parties and a nice romantic dinner in a romantic venue. Prices can be tailored to you budget.

To get more information for our wedding services or to secure your civil wedding day at the townhall or venue of your preference, visit our Platinum Weddings website by clicking here

Say "yes" loudly!

Either in a civil ceremony, or a religious one, we help you with the planning, papers, flights, hotels, transportations, etc....that is our expertise! In Cyprus you can conduct your wedding at a town hall ( civil wedding ), at an orthodox church ( church wedding in Greek or English even Arabic ! ) or you can celebrate a Maronite Catholic Wedding, with Lebanese Priests! Requirements vary. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Our highly qualified team is fully dedicated to you, pro-active, and always motivated to deliver and listen to you. Our objective is to create what you like, the way you like it, with value for money and your satisfaction in mind!